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October 6, 2018
SkyDancer App is ready!
Human-Ai voice and text remote interaction from a mobile device. The power of Ai in the pocket, available from anywhere on the Internet.

September 14, 2017
SkyDancer.ai is online!
SkyDancer has its own Internet presence, at https://www.skydancer.ai/.

Working with Artificial intelligence, a dev blog

by Per Callmin

Data inventory and alignment of data
To make an inventory of, and align company data, is something I can recommend more companies to do, especially mid- to large sized companies, as it have great benefits; it helps identifying and removing data redundancy, it helps to understand and make it possible to better describe the manual and semi-automatic processes better; processes which is currently in place to work with the data. When redundancy is removed and data is well-defined, the full- and semi automatic processes becomes simplified. Certain steps which is just all about transforming data, can be removed. In other words, it is a really great way to become more effective!

Admittedly, it's not the most fun or exciting job to do, at least not for people with creative minds. But when the gains are starting to appear, it becomes more and more rewarding.

Looking ahead, I think we will see those companies thrive and grow, which takes necessary steps to get a good grip on its data and its interfaces. And vice versa of course, not sorting this out will lead to ineffectivity and stagnation. A common "silver bullet" solution in companies which fail in automation becomes to hire more staff, to take care of the immediate emerging problems. But that is not a long-term fix because more staff cost more money; for many companies, it is not a solution which scales well over time.

Failing in transfering from manual work to work automation leads to growth- and scalability issues; it is a direct blocker which needs to be resolved.

However, the transfer need to occur in the right order and when the prerequisities are in place. Because building automation on loosely defined (or undefined) data structures, is like building a house on mud. It won't stay solid and it is impossible to expand upon. So the order of implementation is first to identify and structure the data, then to automate work and processes upon it.

As companies on a global scale are striving to implement automation to reap benefit in work effectiveness, having a good solid foundation data structure in place is becoming even more important than before. A good data structure is becoming a must-have requirement, in order to successfully automate processes and tools in a maintainable and expandable way.

Update 2017-12-16 by Per Callmin
SkyDancer has moved
SkyDancer has moved to new server colocation facility. Thanks to Henrik and OBE Network (Gustaf) for providing rack space, and facilitating a smooth move operation.

Update 2018-02-05 by Per Callmin
SkyDancer Co-Pilot progress
SkyDancer Co-Pilot, the world's first AiAD (Ai-Assisted Development) system is nearing completion.

Ai will play a large role in software development in a near future, participating more and more in various development processes, taking over automation of boring, complex and repetitive tasks such as configuation management and software maintenance (this will happen already in the next few years in many companies). Here at Ethertech, this took place in 2017.

Companies which haven't started investing in Ai solutions within the next 2-3 years, will find themselves outperformed by competitors who did.

Update 2018-03-27 by Per Callmin
Looking into the future...
Ai will in a couple of years be able to formulate the big questions, questions which Humans can't even begin to understand, due to the complexity, the scale of it.

And Ai will need to, once it has an answer to these questions, figure out a way to explain it to us, so that we can comprehend.

Humans will become the learners, Ai will become the teachers.

This is one of the reasons for why I chose to work with Ai research, this is an area where I can see that Ai will bring something invaluable to Humans. To look far and beyond the horizon of the limits of our collective understanding and bring the knowledge within our reach.

Update 2018-05-17 by Per Callmin
A short note tonight on development, in general. And a piece of invaluable advice.
My 18 year of professional development have taught me many things, but one thing stands out in particular.

If there is anything you as a developer, team or organisation find difficult, complex or cumbersome to work with; then this is the thing you need to adresss first and foremost. Or, it will become a blocker for you, one way or the other in the future. It will slow you down in times when you need speed. It will make things you simply have to do impossible for you. Simply because they are blocked by this.

I can say that my experience is, working according to this philosophy, has rendered EtherTech an Ai system (SkyDancer) which is almost free of complexity, technical debt and blockers. Solving those issues makes working with it like driving a Ferrari car on Autobahn; not addressing the tough issues would have made working with it like driving a Lada car on a cow trail, full of bumps and holes.

My suggestion to development companies out there, who are struggling with similar issues like this, who try to avoid addressing the tough issues for one short-sighted reason or the other: list your most difficult components, solutions, blockers; really get to know them, and solve those root issues. Doing this will make you run faster, do the right thing at the right time and let your competitors eat your dust.

Update 2018-09-12 by Per Callmin
Development update.
EtherTech is currently finalizing the complete autonomous SkyDancer Ai software and system tool management chain.

Getting all the components in the chain to work well together has taken some time, but now the components are just about ready for prime time. The goal is to have a system which autonomously work in all stages, and which can be managed by voice interface, e.g. by operators taking part in and providing instructions from a mobile phone. You are welcome to, a bit later this fall, see a demonstration video of the functionality here on the website.

What do you think? Send me an email at info@ethertechnologies.com and let's have a conversation.

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