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May 10, 2017

For the first time, an Ai scales itself up across continents
SkyDancer has for the first time scaled up itself across continents, tonight at 23:25 Swedish time Skydancer automatically expanded into a server in China by using Hyper-V, without human intervention.
This is a major break-through, and showcases the seamless self-maintainable scalability of SkyDancer.

Genesis deployment platform
Genesis was originally built to administer and perform application deployments, but the platform has recently been modified into a self-driven deployment system, to handle SkyDancer Artificial intelligence and Morningstar deployments across multiple deploy streams™.
Yes, you read it right. SkyDancer manages the build and rollout of new Ai instances, too.

At Ethertech, we have since a long time ceased using manually edited depoly scripts and bundles of tools, to do the work. Instead, the system was built from start, to be fully automated and autmatable by Ai. As such, being totally in the hands of Ai, all the manual steps have been removed.

Manual system administration can be performed by using a web-based drag-and-drop page to assign, install and activate installations. Currently manual steps are rarely needed - the system is voice controlled and maintained by SkyDancer.

If you have questions about Genesis, please email

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